Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring

Imagine the shine and the visual appearance of the flooring as soon as you enter the house! The attraction takes you to a galore of paradise, affordable, and has plenty of stylish options to choose from for your home.

The durability and affordability make vinyl flooring the top choice for many homes, especially for their high traffic areas like the kitchen or the bathroom. We have a limited variant of styles; options like sheet, tile, or plank are available.

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The choice and patterns of vinyl flooring are straightforward to match your feelings and elevate your house décor. ABC Flooring Unlimited has the largest and the latest variety of vinyl flooring from the best manufacturers globally with a guarantee that it is the best in the industry.

Let our expert help you to find the perfect vinyl flooring that matches your style and the taste of your elevation.  Best yet, you can contact us to bring our showroom to you and let you see the vinyl flooring’s real version to help you make the decision.

Most Asked Questions

Vinyl Flooring can be installed in any house area, whether living room, drawing room, or play area…. Any place. But make sure that the surface should be smooth as it can be visible through the vinyl.

Yes certainly…

There are 3 grades.

Grade 1 – Best for residential uses and especially in the high traffic areas like kitchen and bathrooms.

Grade 2 – A medium layered sealant and is suited for areas like restrooms or bedrooms.

Grade 3 – The thinnest layer of vinyl and areas like guest rooms are perfect for these tiles.

The only disadvantage is that vinyl flooring cannot be repaired. Despite being tough and highly durable, you have to replace the sheet.

Yes, there are many reasons, first the cost and second the durability.

Magazine 1 vinyl

Magazine 2 vinyl

Magazine 3 vinyl

Magazine 4 vinyl

Paragon xl HD PLUS

Tenacious HD ACCENT plus

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Pantheon HD natural bevel

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