Frequently Asked Questions

We deal in multiple types of flooring solutions, including vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, hardwood flooring, waterproof flooring, plain flooring. Our team members hold all the expertise to implement it effectively.

The time span spent on the job is fully dependent on the job itself. If it is only some small repairs, then one to two days max, but if it is a full change of floors, then the job may take up to weeks at the earliest.

We have multiple customizable payment plans, from which we allow our customers to choose from including.

  • Cash- You can visit our local office and pay the amount to the accounts department.
  • Credit Card- You can pay through any bank’s credit card
  • Instalments- Pay in sections if you have a lot of work to be done but can’t pay in one go. We have a range of customized plans for you to choose from.

We never compromise the quality of work or the products or materials used within. However, you can get our services done if you want to use some of your own materials that are comparatively cheaper and come at a discounted rate if you feel the need.

Yes, our services are completely customizable as per the clients’ needs. Also, you can make your own service package and exclude any services that you don’t want, and you will be charged accordingly.

No, they are not the same kind of flooring. Laminate flooring will give you a look and feel of a hardwood floor. It will be warm and soft to the touch. But vinyl flooring is cold and hard to the touch. Vinyl will last longer than laminate flooring. Depending on the need and some advice from our professionals, we will deliver the best option for our customers.

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